El dios de los cristianos, Dios de mi infancia, no hace el amor. Quizás es el único dios que nunca ha hecho el amor, entre todos los dioses de todas las religiones de la historia humana. Cada vez que lo pienso, siento pena por él. Y entonces le perdono que haya sido mi superpapá castigador, jefe de policía del universo, y pienso que al fin y al cabo Dios también supo ser mi amigo en aquellos viejos tiempos, cuando yo creía en Él y creía que Él creía en mí. Entonces paro la oreja, entre la caída del sol y la caída de la noche, y me parece escuchar sus melancólicas confidencias.

Eduardo Galeano.

viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2009

people whose lives were penetrated by you...

Poor girl, so unconfident about herself
but, you ought to see her
She's so funny, guy, she's always examining me meticulously
and she does the same action that I do...
copy and paste, that's what she is
but... I feel sorry about her, unhappiness is in her face
in her words, she's like... desperate.
she's such a capable girl, but, she doesn´t know it
she's always looking for plaudits,
trying to say something that seems to be intelligent, or ironic, or sexy...
she tries to do everything at the same time... but she's so confused
but the most worrying thing, she wants to become into me
but of course, she hates me.
her situation might be so uncomfotable...
whatever, someday she'll notice that I'm nobody
I'm a poor girl, I just try to live my life.
I don´t want another problem, things are cool just like that...

What about? Now tell me you about people whose lives were penetrated by you...


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